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STARRING: Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Christina Calph (Tower Heist), Mike McGlone (The Bone Collector) and 2008 Playgirl of the Year Victoria Gillette 


God (writer-director Joe Benedetto) lives in New York City and He’s really annoyed with the human race. He needs his faith in mankind restored and devices a plan. He dispatches his angelic assistant Serena (Victoria Gillette) to approach ladies’ man Rick Cozwell (Jonathan Michael Weber) to inform him that he has 60 days to fall in love or the world will come to an abrupt end. Once Rick accepts that Serena and the message from her “Boss” are real and he gets over the initial shock of being the chosen one in all of this, he happily approaches the challenge and even relishes the opportunity by exclaiming, “so many women, so little time… saving the world is gonna be a blast!” What ensues is a
series of comedic set pieces and romantic mis-adventures with Rick searching for love in this ultra-high-stakes romantic comedy/fantasy. Enter Candace Wychowski (Ashley C. Williams of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE). In every way, she is the perfect woman --intellectually brilliant as
she is physically beautiful. But the always confident, self-assured, and charming Rick now seems plagued by self-doubt, and is intimidated by her. Will Rick fall in love before the doomsday deadline?