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AARON BACON: Troubled Youth Collection 

STARRING: Joel Moore (Avatar), Stephen Michael Kane (Skins), Alan Tudyk (3:10 to Yuma, I-Robot, Death at a Funeral) and Matthew Petromilli (High School Musical) 


Aaron Bacon Troubled Youth Collection presents four award-winning featurettes with stunning production values and star making performances. AARON BACON (starring Stephen Michael Kane) is inspired by the book “Help at Any Cost” by Maia Szalavitz, based on the true story of a 16 year-old kid who dies at the hands of malpractice and abuse in the tough-love, wilderness drug-treatment facility. BED RIDDEN (starring Joel Moore and Alan Tudyk) describes a day in the life of a drug addicted young man, as he escapes his parent induced entrapment at home and travels the length of Los Angeles, chained to his bedpost, to meet with his fixer. FLIGHT TO SINAI is a musical coming of age film, in the tradition of “GLEE” and “High School Musical,” describing the coming out of Jack Strong, a teen raised by religiously conservative parents, and the reactions of his friends, teachers, girlfriend and his religiously conservative parents. THE BABYDADDY, inspired by true events, is the coming of age story about a troubled sixteen-year-old girl (Kether Donohue) struggling to cope with her Vietnam-Veteran father’s illnesses. Official Selection of the HBO Sponsored G.I. Film Festival. Each describes in their own way, physical and mental pressures, abuse and ultimately violence, against youth, struggling to find their way in this world. These are more
than shorts, as each film is 25-30 minute long, but what they all have in common are quality thought-provoking productions, by and about youth, together representing a true talent discovery.